DVD Review: ‘Saving Grace B. Jones’

Cast: Michael Biehn, Tatum O’Neal, Penelope Ann Miller, Piper Laurie and Scott Wilson
Director: Connie Stevens
Studio: Arc Entertainment
Release Date: Tuesday, May 27

Actress Connie Stevens makes her directorial debut at age 70, with a personal drama ‘Saving Grace B. Jones.’ The movie is based on true events that happened in her childhood.

The movie is set in 1951 in Boonville, Missouri. 10 year old Carrie witnesses a fatal stabbing in Brooklyn. She’s sent to stay with family friends Landy, his wife Bea and their little girl. While she’s there, Landy decides to get his sister Grace out of a mental institute she’s been in for two decades.

Grace is awkward at first and trying to adjust. When she sees her ex, it makes her worse and then a flood hits the town and she falls completely apart in a violent climax to the movie.

With great acting performances, a heartfelt story and a strong directorial debut from Connie, this movie is enjoyable to watch.

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