DVD Review: ‘RPG’

Steve Battier (Rutger Hauer) is an old, terminally ill millionaire, who agrees to pay a company a large amount of money for the chance to be young again. For 10 hours Steve and ten other wealthy individuals from around the world are relocated to attractive and healthy younger bodies. The catch is that during this time they must participate in a game of life or death where every hour someone must die. Steve likes his newfound younger self and is willing to do whatever it takes to stay young forever. Unfortunately, things may not be as real or permanent as they seem.

‘RPG’ or ‘Real Playing Game’ is another in a long line of ‘Hunger Games’/’Battle Royale’ rip-offs. Most every aspect of this film has popped up somewhere before, and in most instances they were better done previously. The few somewhat unique plot elements are pretty much squandered or ruined the second they are introduced.

The special effects used in the making of the film just don’t look that good and their biggest accomplishment is underscoring the mediocrity of the movie. Unsurprisingly, the film’s acting is also pretty terrible. It is not that Hauer and the others necessarily cannot act, but they just don’t put any effort in here.

‘RPG’ attempts to cash-in by jumping on the dystopian future bandwagon, but it fails miserably. There are a large number of better films within this genre that should be given preference over this rehashed subpar attempted thriller.

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