DVD Review: ‘Resurrection: The Complete First Season DVD’

Cast: Omar Epps, Frances Fisher, Matt Craven, Devin Kelley, Mark Hildreth, Samaire Armstrong, Sam Hazeldine, Landon Gimenez, Kurtwood Smith, Kevin Sizemore
Release Date: Tuesday, June 10
Studio: ABC Studios

Resurrection was one of the surprise hits of the spring season on ABC. With a very good pre-campaign before the show aired, it was an immediate hit and will be back for a second season.

What would you do if a deceased love one suddenly shows up on your doorstep, looking the same as they did the day they died? For the people of Arcadia, Missouri that’s a question they have to answer.

When an 8 year old little boy named Jacob Langston is brought to Agent J. Martin Bellamy, he finds his parents and returns him to them. Only problem is Jacob died over 30 years ago. His parents at first don’t believe it’s him. His mom thinks it’s some sort or miracle and his dad doesn’t want to believe it. Soon others in the town start showing up that have died. No one understands why this is happening.

As more and more loved ones show up and people are reunited, it causes not only happiness but fear of the unknown and how these people are suddenly alive. Some of the town folks think these people need to go, while others will do anything to protect them. It all leads to a heart stopping finale that will leave you asking yourself, what would you do if a loved one suddenly came back?

Resurrection is a great show, well written and acted and well worth your time catching up before season two premieres in the fall. It’s available in stores on Tuesday, June 10.


· On Location in Georgia – Filmmakers and cast reflect on the place Resurrection calls home.

· Resurrection: Building a Mystery – The show’s stars share their theories about the mystery at the heart of the series – how are the town’s loved and lost ones returning home to their families…and why?

· Bloopers

· Deleted Scenes

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