DVD Review: ‘Queens Of The Ring’ Is Funny And Entertaining For What It Is

It is hard being a working mother, and Rose (Marilou Berry) is desperate to regain her estranged son’s respect and admiration. Since her job at a local grocery store isn’t cutting it, she decides, along with a few of her co-workers, to join a training program to become a female wrestler.

‘Queens of the Ring’ is one of those movies that looks and sounds fairly cringe-worthy. However, those that give it a chance might find themselves surprised at how enjoyable it actually is. While it is not a great film it is nevertheless a fun and silly watch.

There is not a lot of plot or character development, but that doesn’t hurt the film too much as long as you just take it as a mindless comedy meant to make you laugh. It is not a smart or profound film, and what little dramatic or caring elements that exist only feel skin deep. Despite this, it still could be categorized as a feel good film just because it maintains an extremely positive vibe throughout.

‘Queens of the Ring’ is funny and entertaining without a lot of substance. It is good for wasting time or for a quick, cheap laugh. A person looking for something that makes them think should look elsewhere.

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