DVD Review: ‘Prisoners Of War: Season One’

‘Prisoners Of War’ is an Israeli TV series that debuted in March of 2010 for which it won Best Drama Series. The show was picked up by Fox here in the US and is what Showtime’s ‘Homeland’ is based on.

The Israeli solders have been held captive for 17 years in Lebanon while on a secret mission. The series begins with there release and returning home after all these years of negotiations. Nimrod Klein and Uri Zach return home alive, Amiel Ben-Horin does not, only his remains. The show then centers on their return to everyday live with their families, society and everything else in the world that has changed.

They also have the added pressure of being tested and interviewed about what happened all those years ago. Things don’t add up with their stories and soon an investigation is under way to find out what may have really happened all those years ago and for the last 17 years.

With great acting and solid writing, this precursor to Homeland is a much watch! You can pick it up in stores today.

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