DVD Review: ‘Pretty Little Liars: The Complete Fifth Season’ DVD

After a crazy ending to season four of Pretty Little Liars when Ezra was shot, season five picks right up and never stops until the end of the season.

To the shock of everyone Alison is back in town and everyone is worried. Is she the same person as before or has she changed? The four girls team up to find out once and for all if Alison killed Mona and are able to clear Spencer of charges against him. With more digging the girls figure out that Alison isn’t ‘A’ and work to clear her name. By the end of the season the idenity of ‘A’ is revealed and it’s a shocker. The girls are trapped after escaping a dollhouse lair and the season ends on that cliffhanger.

Another season of more questions than answers that have the girls always looking over their shoulders and fearing for their lives.

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