DVD Review: ‘Poseidon Rex’ Is A Really Fun Bad Movie!

Oh, “Sharknado”, what a tricky web you weave! You were a terrible, awful movie, but were so deliciously bad that you were good! With the cult following the Syfy monster-disaster mashup film has generated, you had to know it wouldn’t take long for other films to try and capitalize on its fame. I present the latest contender: “Poseidon Rex”. And yes, it is exactly what you are thinking.

A treasure hunting mercenary named Jackson “Jax” Slate (Brian Krause) is heavy into debt with a local Belize gangster named Tariq (Gildon Roland). In order to pay back said debts, Jax decides it would be a great idea to dive into some shipwrecks that litter the Belize coast to locate some lost gold coins, an act that is apparently highly illegal. In an effort to remain as inconspicuous as possible, Jax and his team begin setting off explosives in the wrecks to aid in recovering the treasure. Of course, this awakens a large, unseen predator that begins picking off the crew one by one until Jax is the only survivor. He is eventually rescued by daytripping boat captain Henry (Berne Velasquez) and vacationing couple Rod and Jane (Steven Helmkamp and Candice Nunes) as they are out for a snorkeling adventure. After hearing about Jax’s ordeal, Henry contacts marine biologist Sarah (Anne McDaniels), who dives into the area where Jax was attacked and discovers giant eggs lying at the bottom of a “blue hole”. She takes one back to the lab and when it hatches, out comes a small but lethal dinosaur type creature that begins killing anything and everything. Similar to “The Lost World: Jurassic Park”, Momma (of the species dubbed Poseidon Rex by Sarah, because why not) comes searching for her baby, and there is nothing that is going to stop her from reuniting with her spawn. Per usual with C- and D-movies, there is way more schlock than fright, but that only makes for a fun movie. Just don’t go into it expecting Oscar Award caliber… well, anything, really.

“Poseidon Rex” is now available on DVD.

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