DVD Review: ‘Plastic’ Is A Below Average Heist Film

A group of college students become credit card thieves as a means to make a bit of extra money. They accidentally steal from a vicious gangster, and their brilliant scheme comes to a screeching halt. The gangster forces them to up their crime game in order to pay him back the original amount plus an inordinate amount of interest. His life or death ultimatum propels the students into a series of high stakes scams and heists.

‘Plastic’ is a heist movie that will barely steal its audience’s attention. The overall plot feels somewhat hollow with little character development or added depth. There is a laziness in the film’s writing and editing that result in more than a few eye-rolling moments. The youthful, and somewhat recognizable, cast does inject a bit of watchability, but this is still largely squandered by poor story development and cheap pandering.

Female characters are largely objectified and portrayed more as pawns than people. There are attempts to make the plot relatable to students and former students alike, but these typically feel gimmicky. The occasional reference to facing crippling student loans feel more like throwaway attempts to be relatable than an actual social commentary or plot point.

Overall, ‘Plastic’ is a fleetingly enjoyable though largely below average heist film. It certainly does not break the mold, but some people might find it mindlessly entertaining enough to waste a bit of time on. People who enjoy heist movies, especially one that plays like a subpar greatest hits, might give this one a go.

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