DVD Review: ‘Pay The Ghost’ Offers A Decent Amount Of Entertainment

Review by LukeRipa

In recent years, there are a bunch of movies that are easy to review. An example would be the Fast & Furious saga, which is exactly what the trailer show you its going to be, with top notch effects and techniques to complete the package. Stepping a little below, but using the same principal of judgment, there are those direct-to-video movies (that occasionally found their way into theatres) starring Nicolas Cage.

Let’s be honest, the guy is the aim of a lot of trash talk in the last 10 years, with people accusing him of poor project choices. If you do some research, you know why he’s doing these projects. In brief, he is participating in almost everything he can, and sometimes the Academy Award Winner sparks to life (Kick-Ass anyone?).

Anyways, here’s Pay The Ghost, a paranormal thriller with some horror atmospheres that doesn’t deliver much more then expected, but any less either, from a direct-to-video flick (although this is part of those ones that occasionally found their way in a movie theatre).

The movie has a pretty decent story: on Halloween, after going trick or treat with his mother, Charlie is taken by his father (Nic Cage) to a fair near home, where, after a criptic on the nose line (Dad, can we pay the ghost?), he disappears. After a year, the father is still investigating, while the NYPD seems to have dropped the ball. The father determination will unveil what really happened to his son.

The most interesting thing is the connection the story has with the Celtic mythology, which is not an every-day presence in the genre (generally Hollywood sticks with the classic Catholic/Christian culture, sometimes the Jewish one). Nevertheless, the movie reveal itself after a third of the time in: a project Nic Cage chose because of the check (his acting is really lazy and full of clichés), a script that probably wasn’t reviewed enough times (not that was necessary, but wouldn’t have hurt anyone), and a happy ending.

In the end, Pay the Ghost is fine to pass a night watching something with no alternatives, as it offers a decent amount of entertainment. But if you pass it, you don’t loss anything.

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