DVD Review: ‘The Originals: The Complete Third Season’

It was a season of change, death and possibly the end of the Mikaelson clan. Shocking things happened this season including the deaths of two main characters which uprooted the lives of everyone. New people came to town to try and destroy and sever the vampire lines once and for all. Included was Lucien (one of the first vampires sired). Also new to town were the Strix looking to take out the brothers.

When a way was figured out to break the site line and make a super, unkillable vampire it was a race against time to save lives. Also this season found the return of the two brothers that had been killed years ago, much to the dismay of Klaus. The season ended with a shocking plan by Marcil that will change everyone’s lives for years to come.

You can pick up The Originals: The Complete Third Season in stores on Tuesday, September 20th.

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