DVD Review: ‘The Originals: The Complete Fourth Season’ DVD

After the end of The Vampire Diaries after eight years, the only Vampire series left on The CW is The Originals. The fourth season only consisted of 13 episodes of packed, blink and you will miss something important, ass-kicking action.

After the event of season three, the show kicks off with a time jump (which I am never really a fan of) five years later. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is still being held captive by Marcel (Charles Michael Davis). Hayley (Phoebe Tompkin) is searching for a cure to wake up the Mikaelson clan. Hope (Summer Fontana) is now a young girl with very little memories of Klaus. She finally finds a cure and then the family together searches for Klaus.

When Klaus is rescued he tries to bound with Hope. Meanwhile Vincent feels a new evil presence in town The Hollow. A powerful evil that wants to return to earth and take over. The spirit can possess peoples bodies and make them do what they are told. The Hollow needs certain things in order to return. The family is forced to work with Marcel and Vincent in an effort to destroy this evil. At one point it take hold of Elijah and we learn via back story his sorted, evil past, which Hayley in an effort to save him sees for herself, which doesn’t help their relationship after witnessing it.

This season also saw the return of Davina (Danielle Campbell), Cami (Leah Pipes) and Jackson (Nathan Parsons) in limited special appearances as well as Matt Davis from Vampire Diaries as Alaric.

By the season finale a plan was hatched to finally end The Hollow, one that would divide the family forever. It leaves open what should be an exciting final season (it was announced the fifth season would be the last) to see how the family can be brought back together and what final challenges they will face.

The Originals: The Complete Fourth Season is in stores on DVD Tuesday, August 29.

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