DVD Review: ‘Northpole’ Showcases Good Holiday Cheer

‘Northpole’ is a sappy and calculated Christmas movie that hits all the right notes for its target audience. Whereas a bunch of other so-called Christmas movies tend to have only a tenuous hold on the connection between their overall plot and the holiday this is 100% a Christmas movie and not just a movie that happens to take place at Christmas.

Kevin (Max Charles) is a young boy who just moved to a new town to live with his single mom (Tiffani Thiessen). He’s having a bit of trouble acclimating and this is negatively impacting his Christmas spirit. His humbuggery catches the eye of Clementine the elf, who worries that even the littlest amount of holiday discontent could ruin the magic of Christmas. It turns out that the Northern Lights, fueled by the happiness of children, create a magical snow that powers Santa and his minions. Clementine takes it upon herself to reinstate Kevin’s Christmas cheer to prevent possible disaster.

‘Northpole’ falls short of being a future holiday classic, but it is definitely worth a watch for people wanting something different to add to their Christmas viewing arsenal for this year. It features good performances (Robert Wagner as Santa Claus!?) and showcases a good amount of holiday cheer. This is a welcome addition to the Christmas movie pantheon.

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