DVD Review: ‘Misfire’ Is A Misfire

Cole (Gary Daniels) is a DEA agent thrust into the chaotic and dangerous underworld of Tijuana after his journalist ex-wife is kidnapped by an ambitious cartel boss with aspirations to run for public office. Cole will do whatever it takes to get her back safely.

‘Misfire’ is an aptly named movie that plays like an 80’s or 90’s straight-to-VHS action film begrudgingly rented from a video store when plot and acting took a back seat to fight scenes and explosions. While this may sound appealing to some, ‘Misfire’ doesn’t even have a lot of great action. There are a few shootouts and fights, but nothing worth a slow and often abysmal 90 minutes.

The film’s screenwriting and acting are equally cringe worthy. There are so many terrible action movie lines and tropes packed in that it is hard to take some scenes seriously. A few of the actors might actually sound less awkward and unnatural if they were just reading their lines.

‘Misfire’ is definitely aimed at action movie junkies. While fans of the genre might find something to like about the film there are certainly better (and more action-packed) movies to fulfill one’s action needs.

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