DVD Review: ‘Locker 13’

Cast: Ricky Schroder, Jon Gries, Rick Hoffman, Tatyana Ali, Krista Allen, Jason Spisak, Bart Johnson, Jason Marsden
Directors: Bruce Dellis, Jason Marsden, Matthew Mebane, Adam Montierth, Donovan Montierth
Studio: Arc Entertainment
Release Date: April 29

Five directors and eight screenwriters made this movie, which is like a Twilight Zone style. All the stories revolve around a locker 13. The stories are set up when new janitor, ex-con named Skip (Jason Spisak) comes to work and is being shown around by his new boss (Jon Gries). As they wonder around and he gets his duties, there are different objects he sees.

In Down and Out, a pair of boxing gloves goes into a story about a boxer, played by Ricky Schroder, who’s not good. He’s given a mysterious pair of gloves and starts winning, making money and ending up killing his opponents.

Other stories include an initiation into a secret society, a man wanting to kill himself by jumping off a roof, and my favorite is a hit-man making notes for his memoirs, has three women chained up trying to figure out who’s suppose to be his victim.

If you like anthology series, this is a good set of episodes, with some good stories. It’s available in stores on Tuesday, April 29.

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