DVD Review: ‘Little Accidents’

‘Little Accidents’ is a character driven drama about a small American coal town that is recovering from a tragic accident that resulted in the death of several miners. Amos (Boyd Holbrook) is the lone survivor of the accident and he is being pressured to testify against the executives and bigwigs of the coal company. This is by no means an uncontroversial move as many of the coal miners don’t want anything to create more trouble or ruin their job. Amos really does not want to testify, but he feels like he owes it to the families of the dead miners. Bill Doyle (Josh Lucas) is the coal executive feeling the most heat, and his struggle is multiplied by the fact that his son has disappeared. The only person who knows what happened is a young boy named Owen (Jacob Lofland) that lost his father in the coal mining accident.

There is a lot going on in this film. It attempts to cover a lot of angles and get really in depth and this is unfortunately where it stumbles. Amidst a solid plot and some really well acted performances director Sara Colangelo just can’t wrangle everything together.

This film illustrates the difficulties that intricate character driven plots face.
The pacing of the film feels completely off. Things just do not flow well into each other and this results in fake feeling character interactions. The plot demands that characters develop in certain directions and the time requirements force these interactions to ring false.

‘Little Accidents’ features an intricate plot, but it bites off more than it can chew. It has a great cast that is able to render the film more than watchable, but unfortunately even they cannot give the movie any true staying power or rewatchability.

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