DVD Review: ‘The Legend Of The Psychotic Forest Ranger’ Is A Gem

The title really says it all, doesn’t it? Writer/director Brad mills actually released this little gem back in 2011, but it’s finally being released on DVD. Just in time for the Super Summer Movie Crapathon!

Here’s the story: a group of freshly-graduated high school students decide to celebrate their schooling freedom by heading out on a group camping trip. Along the way they end up running out of gas and are now stranded in the middle of nowhere. Ditching the car, they end up hiking a good distance down the road to an abandoned farm house and decide to stay there for the evening.

Unfortunately for them, the house is the residence of a forest ranger who went missing several years prior and has been presumed dead. But he’s not just any old forest ranger. Oh no, not this guy. He’s actually a Satan-worshipping serial killer with a heart of gold. And by heart of gold, I mean he has a twisted view on morality and goes around killing anyone he feels is having a good time with loose morals. Too bad for the hormone-driven teenagers that have shown up on his rickety doorstep.

“Psycho Forest Ranger” is definitely a throwback to the slasher genre of the 1980s made popular by the “Friday the 13th”, “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, and “Halloween” franchises, but with way more wry humor purposely thrown in. Think “Army of Darkness”, but with more slasher gore. It’s worth gathering your friends together and giving it your own MST3K treatment.

“The Legend of the Psycho Forest Ranger” is now available on DVD.

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