DVD Review: ‘Land And Shade’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

Alfonso (Haimer Leal) left his family after having trouble accepting the fact that he was losing his home. He returns 17 years later when his son becomes very ill. The wife he left behind, Alicia (Hilda Ruiz) and ill son, Geraldo (Edison Raigosa) stayed to save their home. Geraldo’s wife and son, Esperanza (Marleyda Soto) and Manuel (Jose Felipe Cardenas), also live in the home.

When Geraldo got sick, Alicia and Esperanza took his place cutting down sugar cane at the plantations surrounding them. However, it was the sugar cane that made him sick and he was faster than both of them at cutting them down. When Alfonso returns, he is met with resentment, but he tries to win his family back over. Alicia is in the same boat as Alfonso as Esperanza blames her for making Geraldo feel obligated to stay and help his mother, even though they are surrounded by the very thing that is killing him.

Alfonso bonds with his grandson, Manuel, and tries to help take care of his family as best he can. They all decide to do what’s best for them after things take a turn for the worst. This drama is shot beautifully. You see the trials and tribulations of a family and their problems sound so easy to solve, but they aren’t. You feel their pain and anger and you hope that things work out for them because they deserve it.

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