DVD Review: ‘Killer Mermaid’ Has A Somewhat Unique Feel

‘Killer Mermaid’ is old school horror replete with creepy characters, cheesy music, and more than a few gritty murder scenes. The film is a product of fledgling director Milan Todorovic, and while it doesn’t have the depraved sense of shock that Eastern European horror films tend to glorify, there are more than few cultural influences that give the film a somewhat unique feel.

The plot centers on a pair of American girls who travel for a vacation to the Mediterranean. Their plan is to rendezvous with an old college friend and some locals to explore a series of uncharted exotic islands. What starts as a fun party weekend quickly turns deadly as the group stumbles across the watery lair of killer mermaid and her brainwashed manservant.

The film is a Serbian production, so most of the actors, including those portraying Americans, have a tinge, if not a lot more, of an accent. This makes large portions of the dialog more awkward than it necessarily need be, luckily, movies of this type don’t require awe inspiring performances to entertain.

There are some attempts to add depth to the overall plot by adding some romantic tensions and a swimming phobia, but these largely fall flat if they even survive their initial introduction. Similarly, efforts to explain the lore of the mermaid are confusing and ambiguous. There are a lot of elements about the mermaid introduced in the film that just beg to be elaborated on, conversely some of the more meaningless aspects are talked about ad nauseaum. Had this story been given better development the film could have reached another level.

‘Killer Mermaid’ survives mainly on old school horror movie tropes, adding little to the genre, but doing enough well not to be a complete waste of time. Huge fans of the b-movie horror genre will likely find something to enjoy in the film, but people looking for a serious and more disturbing, horror film should look elsewhere.

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