DVD Review: Joss Whedon’s ‘In Your Eyes’

Joss Whedon has become well known for his slew of big budget films and popular cultish TV shows. Recently though he has made a move towards writing and involving himself with more low budget personal projects. ‘In Your Eyes’ is one such project. This supernatural love story helmed by Brin Hill definitely has its characteristic Whedon moments, but for whatever reason it just lacks his typical charm and punch.

The film follows two unconnected people, Rebecca (Zoe Kazan), the depressed wife of a successful doctor, and Dylan (Michael Stahl-David), a charismatic ex-con attempting a fresh start. The two live in completely different corners of the United States, yet somehow they develop a telepathic bond that allows them to see, hear and feel the others experiences. Finding comfort in each other, a cross-country metaphysical romance develops.

‘In Your Eyes’ is unique yet all too familiar. The supernatural element definitely adds to the movie, but it just isn’t enough to liberate it from the trap of sappy romantic comedies. Whedon’s writing is good, leading to some great dialog and funny moments, but the overall concept feels a bit too gimmicky.

The mixing of genres, something Whedon has worked into a science, is not in peak condition here. The film comes off as a stereotypical love story with some awkward supernatural elements thrown in. This is a film for fans of romantic comedies not science fiction or the supernatural. ‘In Your Eyes’ is an interesting conc

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