DVD Review: ‘John Doe Vigilante’ Is A Great Film With A Fantastic Performance From Jamie Bamber


John Doe (Jamie Bamber) is frustrated with what he sees as a failing legal system that continuously allows violent criminals to go free. Fed up he begins exacting justice his own way, killing criminals one at a time. Pretty soon John Doe is a media phenomenon with some seeing the vigilante as a hero and others as a villain. Who is John Doe? What kind of man is he?

‘Vigilante’ is an excellent action film that not only entertains, but also leaves you thinking. Through its complex and enthralling plot it furthers some interesting social commentary about the ideas of punishment and what it actually means to be a villain or hero.

The script and plot are strong, but some of the directorial and cinematographic choices feel a bit questionable in terms of how scenes were shot and look. Regardless, the film is well paced thought-out. Scenes take interesting twists and as a whole the film keeps the audience entertained.

Jamie Bamber is fantastic in the lead, achieving a lot with just a flash of eyes in some scenes rather than other actors achieve with a lengthy dialog. He is not alone with his strong performance, as all the actors featured put in similar contributions.

True to the film’s concept it is very intense and graphically violent. It does not pull its punches. Despite this it does not feel gratuitous. Everything looks and feels like it belongs, and follows necessary from the plot. Gritty without pandering is sometimes a difficult line to walk, but this movie does it well.

‘Vigilante’ is a great film that not only features gritty action, but also a great plot that offers a level of complexity that compliments the action rather than drawing away from it. If you like action movies then this is a must watch.

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