DVD Review: ‘Jesse’ Makes You Wonder Why It Was Made

Jesse (Stephanie Finochio) is an alcoholic cop with a lot of issues. When her good for nothing brother gets in deep with the mob and disappears, she sets out to find out what happened and who is responsible. This revenge trip quickly escalates as her mother is attacked and beaten. With almost nothing left to lose, Jesse takes it on herself to skirt the law and offer up some street justice.

‘Jesse’ is a revenge film so terrible that it makes you want to take revenge on the people responsible for making it. This movie has the look and feel of a daytime soap opera with the camera work and editing to match. The writing and dialogue are beyond terrible. They are blatantly used to further plot points and shamelessly explain backstory. There is no subtlety here. Most of the story relies on genre stereotypes and tropes, but rather than taking these and making them its own the film makes them a joke.

Parts of the film are so bad it seems like they’re trying to be funny. It is almost reassuring to think that this was intentional, because the alternative, that someone seriously wrote this is a terrifying prospect.

Perhaps the only positive thing about ‘Jesse’ is that it does offer a strong female lead, but this fact is completely undermined by the lackluster film it is buried within. ‘Jesse’ is an equal opportunity bad movie.

The most confusing thing about ‘Jesse’ is that it co-stars some fairly well known actors (William Forsythe, Eric Roberts, and Armand Assante). While they aren’t in the movie as much as its credit line would lead you to believe, they are in it, and they are pretty much the only actors in the film that give somewhat believable performances. Everyone else in the film’s performances range from somewhere between reading a phonebook to acting in softcore porn.

‘Jesse’ is a revenge flick for people who like their plots easy to follow and spoon-fed to them. It doesn’t offer anything that can’t be found in similar films (which almost universally do it better).

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