DVD Review: ‘Jay Johnson: The Two and Only!’ Is An Entertaining And Heartening One-Man Show

Jay Johnson is probably best known for his stint on the popular television show ‘Soap’ as the shy ventriloquist. However, there is much more to him than that, and ‘Jay Johnson: The Two and Only!’ is dedicated to giving its audience an entertaining and autobiographical look at the man and his talents.

The special is a mix of stand-up, storytelling, and, of course, ventriloquism. Johnson, with the help of a few of his special friends, tells the story of his life and gives an intimate look at some of the big events that shaped and changed him.

This is not a straight stand-up special. A one-man show might be better terminology. Johnson masterfully weaves his special with threads of humor, drama, and even some gut-wrenching emotion.

Beyond providing an entertaining anecdotal account of his life Johnson also throws in an interesting history of the craft of ventriloquism. He ties this in with his own story, and the two compliment each other well.

‘Jay Johnson: The Two and Only!’ is an entertaining and often heartening one-man show. It is a well-written show deserving of a watch.

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