DVD Review: ‘Horse Camp’ Is A Wholesome Family Film

Kathy (Jordan Trovillion) wants to ride horses, but her mother will not allow it because she’s afraid that Kathy will get hurt. Her father is worried that Kathy gets picked on at school because she isn’t social enough and thinks that she should go to camp for the summer. After a bit of arguing Kathy is allowed to go to a horse camp. She quickly makes a friend, but things go bad quickly when Kathy starts treating her new friend the same negative ways she has been treated in the past as she flirts with the possibility of being popular.

‘Horse Camp’ is an exceedingly wholesome family film. It clearly has a message behind it, and at times it can be a bit pushy. There is no subtlety here. Everything the film wants to portray is at skin level. The overall plot of the film is eye-cringingly boilerplate. So many tropes in such a little amount of time. This is a good safe film for kids or family viewing, but other than being a safe watch it really has almost nothing going for it.

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