DVD Review: ‘Holy Ghost People’

Cast: Emma Greenwell (Showtime’s “Shameless”), Brendan McCarthy (HBO’s “True Blood”, FX’s “Justified”), Joe Egender (HUNGER, THE HAMILTONS), Cameron Richardson (ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS)
Director: Mitchell Altieri
Writers: Mitchell Altieri, Kevin Artigue, Joe Egender, Phil Flores
Studio: XLrator Media
Release Date: April 8
Rating: 2 out 5

A psychological thriller that doesn’t do much psychological. Charlotte, who’s a recovering addict (Emma Greenwell) goes looking for her missing sister who it appears has joined a religious cult. Enlisting Wayne (Brendan McCarthy), who’s an ex-marine who’s broke and an alcoholic, to help her find her sister, they end up with more than they bargained for. They end up at a church in Sugar Mountain, headed by Brother Billy (Joe Egender), who seems to have everyone fooled with his b.s. She finds evidence that her sister may be here and being held against her will.

The acting is good but the story just plots along and never fully flushes out characters and the story just seems a bit off.

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