DVD Review: ‘Halo Nightfall’

Jameson Locke and his team are sent to investigate some terrorist activity on a colony at Sedra. They get caught up in a biological attack that quickly puts the ODST at great risk.

If the plot of ‘Halo:Nightfall’ seems simple and somewhat stupid that is because it is. The entire film suffers from bad writing and overly predictable and monotonous scenes. Most people would describe Halo as a sci-fi series, but this movie develops into more of a psychological thriller than anything.

The movie is not good if you’ve never played the games or followed the series; it is even worse if you have. The familiar characters, vehicles, and locations from the games that do show up have been noticeably changed (size, armor, roles, etc.). In order to catch up those unfamiliar with the storyline or who characters are there is a tendency to devolve into unnecessary monologues explaining who or what is going on.

One underlying premise of the film is to introduce and provide background for Locke who will be in the next Halo game. It is understandable that the franchise wants people to accept its new character, but it is almost like introducing Locke was the first and only priority with making this film. All things considered it would have been better to have Locke as a mysterious character in the next Halo than going in with this film on the brain. On the positive side there is almost no way that the story for the next Halo game will not blow this film out of the water.

Video games have long become an art form to themselves. For years there have been attempts to create successful film versions or spinoffs of hit games. ‘Halo: Nightfall’ is just another example of a flawed attempt to do this. Its visuals look subpar compared to the video games and its overall story is a joke. The Halo universe is complex and developed enough at this point for filmmakers to do a better job than this.

HALO: NIGHTFALL, available on DVD and BD now.

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