DVD Review: ‘Grace: The Possession’ Will Not Disappoint Hardcore Fans Of The Genre

Grace (Alexia Fast) is heading off to college ready for new experiences. Having been raised by a strict Catholic grandmother she quickly begins to spiral down an unfamiliar and dangerous path that threatens her very sanity. It turns out her newfound dark streak may have a supernatural cause.

‘Grace: The Possession’ is a fairly creative movie shot in a style akin to the found footage horror genre that ultimately leaves the viewer feeling slighted. The decision to shoot the movie from the first person perspective (and from the point of view of the demon, no less!) is certainly unique and intriguing, but unfortunately the overall story and execution leave this inventive filmmaking flourish to anchor a sinking ship.

The POV technique adds new avenues for depth and on-screen scares, but it faces the same problems that many found footage films do, including a fair share of annoying shots that turn watching into somewhat of a chore. Director Jeff Chan nevertheless deserves praise for employing this somewhat novel cinematographic twist.

Beyond the way the film is shot much of plot is fairly normal possession movie fare. It has a somewhat decent twist towards the end, but nothing that saves it from being just an average addition to the genre. There is not a lot of violence, gore, or nudity, which may turn off some viewers, as those are usually mainstays of the genre and it detracts from the film’s overall impact.

‘Grace: The Possession’ is an average possession film shot in a unique way. It is not for everybody, but hardcore genre fans should not be disappointed.

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