DVD Review: ‘Glee The Complete Fifth Season’

Glee season five was a big change in the series. It was the season that the show addressed the death of Cory Monteith as Finn. In a touching episode that left no dry eyes, the show addressed it in a classy way and it had an effect on the show for the rest of the season.

In New York Rachel, Kurt and Santana were living together and pretty much getting on each others nerves. Rachel got the lead in Funny Girl, Kurt and Blaine got back together and then broke up. Santana found a new girlfriend that didn’t last. Kurt formed a new band with Adam Lambert.

In Lima Will worked with the Glee club and they made it to nationals were they lost. With Sue now principal and running the school she warned Will that if the Glee club didn’t win it would be dropped. She kept her word. The Glee kids had their own drama going on with their lives (this was the worst part of the season). Will and Emma got great family news.

Overall an enjoyable season with the original Glee cast not so much with the Lima Glee kids. It’s available now in stores.

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