DVD Review: ‘Garfield Holiday Collection’ Is Fun And Nostalgia For Garfield Fans

The ‘Garfield Holiday Collection’ is a nice little set of classic (read: 80s) Garfield holiday specials (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Xmas) plus a couple of other (non-holiday related) specials. This is the original Garfield that people in their late 20s and early 30s grew up with. While the animation does reflect its age, it nevertheless holds up well enough to be watchable and enjoyable. There’s a lot of nostalgia here for people who grew up watching Garfield and this collection creates a good opportunity for parents to show their kids what holiday specials were like when they were growing up.

The DVD itself was clearly made on the cheap. There is no ‘play all’ option and the holidays are put in reverse order from their calendar appearances. The menu looks fairly amateurish and its scrolling options leave a lot to be desired. The set does contain a few special features, but they are overall unrelated to the holiday theme of the set and are probably only of interest to more hardcore Garfield fans. Despite these few issues the specials are the real reason to pick-up this set, and they more than make-up for the somewhat shoddy presentation. The ‘Garfield Holiday Collection’ is a good bit of fun and nostalgia for old and new Garfield fans alike.

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