DVD Review: ‘Frozen In Time’ Is A Good Kid, Friendly Christmas Movie

Eric and Patty, a young brother and sister duo, just can’t seem to stay out of trouble on a visit to their grandfather’s house for Christmas. They ruin Christmas Eve dinner and break a strange clock in their grandfather’s workshop, culminating in their getting sent to bed early. The next morning they wake up to find that it is once again the previous day and that they have to do it all again. Suddenly, they cannot escape Christmas Eve, and the two siblings are forced to do whatever they can, even being the best-behaved children they can be, to reach tomorrow.

‘Frozen in Time’ is a kid friendly, Christmas themed take on the repeating day idea popularized by the movie ‘Groundhog’s Day.’ Enough details and flourishes have been added to the story that while none of its ideas are anything new it is still an enjoyable enough film.

The overall plot draws on elements from a bunch of different sources and blends them together well. At times it feels like the movie is going to get a bit preachy towards how good children should behave, but this dissipates fairly quickly, though there are some lingering hints sprinkled throughout.

The film’s animation is nothing particularly special, and in many instances looks like it was hammered out in a matter of weeks (mouths out of sync with the voiceovers, etc.). This is not prevalent enough to disrupt the movie’s watchability, and it definitely will not bother its key demographic (kids).

‘Frozen in Time’ is a good movie to put on for kids to entertain them for an hour or so. It isn’t anything super special or groundbreaking, but it’s got just enough of its own character to warrant giving it a go.

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