DVD Review: ‘Four Of Hearts’ Shows Open Relationships Are Not For Everyone

Swinging and open relationships are tough thing for any couple. It’s a lifestyle that has to be talked about and agreed to on every level before a couple can live it. In the new movie ‘Four Of Hearts,’ a couple who have been very busy with work, school and finding a house, decide to try something different and swing for a night.

April (Nadine Ellis) and Derrick (Darrin Dewitt Henson) are a married couple who haven’t had sex in over six weeks. Very much in love and not normal for them, it’s a surprise for Derrick when he’s made aware of it. Meeting their best friends and downstairs neighbors for drinks, Christy (Michelle Krusiec) and Matt (Gabriel Olds), they see how happy they seem to be. The next morning when April goes to see Christy, she meets the waitress from the restaurant the day before. She starts to ask her about the open relationship they have and how it works.

April suggests to Derrick that they swing with Christy and Matt for one time. Derrick is against it but they talk it over and decide to try it, with ground rules. The next morning Derrick is not feeling right and as you can expect, it leads to all sorts of problems in their relationship and with their friends.

Writer and director Eric Haywood makes this movie in a very open way. It shows how an open relationship isn’t for everyone and how a couple really has to look at every possible situation that can happen, especially when it’s with close friends and not strangers. If you’ve ever thought of doing this in your relationship, watch this movie first and it may or may not make you think twice. The lifestyle isn’t for everyone, only those who can handle it.

You can pick up ‘Four Of Hearts’ on Tuesday, June 17.

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