DVD Review: ‘Found’ Is A Much Watch For Fans Of Slaughter Films

Marty always feels like the odd kid out. At school he gets picked on, and at home his parents don’t understand him. The only person he feels any real connection with is his older brother. Marty’s idolization of his big brother leads him to sneak into his brother’s room to play with his stuff. When he finds a severed head stashed in the closet he discovers a dangerous secret–his brother is a serial killer.

‘Found’ is a gruesome and disturbing examination of what it would be like to live in the same house as a serial killer. While the concept is fantastic, the movie spends most of its 103 minutes squandering it away. By the end it is clear that the only thing the film’s writers care about is shock value, and this takes what could have been a great movie and renders it just okay.

There seems to be a real push for the movie to feel realistic, and in many instances it does, adding an extra level of horror and creepiness. However, this realism evaporates fairly quickly as the plot develops. For example, the brother has killed a large number of people, including children, yet there seems to be no public acknowledgement that this is going on. While a suspension of disbelief is often necessary to employ for horror films, in this case some sort of public response to there being a serial killer in the town could have added a necessary feeling of consequences to scenes dealing with the pressures felt by Marty as his brother’s extracurricular activities are explored.

Beyond losing its realism, ‘Found’ also has a tendency to pick up and subsequently drop gratuitous plot points. One minute something is introduced that seems to signal a giant shift in story and motivation, and then by the next scene it is treated as an afterthought. This really damages the film’s consistency and makes it hard to pick out what is important to the overall story.

Plot issues aside, ‘Found’ features some intensively gory and violent scenes, as well as spectacular special effects. It is a must-watch for fans of slaughter films that will stay with you for days after. The ending alone is worth a watch as it is definitely one of the more disturbing sequences of events you will ever find in any movie.

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