DVD Review: ‘Family Guy: Season Fifteen’

Family Guy season fifteen continues the outrageous actions of the Griffen family and theirs friends and colleagues in Quahog. There doesn’t seem to be a topic that creator and one of the voice actors of the show Seth MacFarlane won’t touch. I sometimes wonder if the network ever says no. In the fifteen seasons the show has been on there’s by some crazy stuff. This season nothing has changed.

Things that happened during season 15 include Peter (Seth MacFarlane) being an Uber driver, Quagmire (Seth MacFarlane) not only finding Tinder (giggity), he also becomes a gigolo. Chris (Seth Green) becomes a baseball star and then what happens to him is sad, Rob Gronkowski guest stars with his party bus. Other crazy things are Peter and the sperm bank, Stewie and Olivia should they vaccinate Stewie? and James Wood hosting a behind the scenes look. And of course one of the best bromances and the dysfunctional twosome of Stewie and Brian having adventures.

Part of the DVD is showing 16 episodes uncensored (20 total episodes). You get to see and hear things that even the network wouldn’t allow (which is saying something). It you’re ready to laugh your butt off get to the store now and buy season 15 or hell buy all of them. The time will fly by fast watching them!

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