DVD Review: ‘Digging Up The Marrow’

Horror films that utilize the Found Footage perspective have become a dime a dozen. When it was a relatively unique method even the dumbest plot could be made a bit more interesting, but today it is easily one of the most overused horror tropes (zombies is likely the current champion right now). ‘Digging Up the Marrow’ takes up the found footage format and uses it to make a mockumentary about horror monsters. Director Adam Green plays himself and the film shows his interviews with a bunch of horror and monster movie mainstays (Kane Hodder, Tom Holland, Lloyd Kaufman) up until thing things start to get a bit too real.

Overall the idea of the documentary turned real horror is an interesting concept. Unfortunately this movie is too blatantly fake. Found footage films like this work best when the viewer is constantly unsure whether what they are watching could be real. In this movie it is clear from the beginning that the Ray Wise character is a fictional put on. First of all, Ray Wise is a fairly recognizable person so when you see him and he gives a fake name and starts talking about monsters this is probably a red flag that the fictional stuff has begun. Secondly, the claims his character makes at the very beginning are a bit too outlandish taken all at once to be entertained as even possibly true. Again, the overall concept is good, but its execution leaves it almost dead on arrival.

Another issue with the mockumentary format is that the actual documentary aspects of the film, which are just a lot of jabbering, tend to drag the rest of the film (the horror part) down. Documentaries are a far cry away from the suspense or terror of a horror film so the constant switch between the two makes the pacing somewhat of a nightmare.

‘Digging Up the Marrow’ is a film with an interesting concept that it just cannot pull off. With its poor execution the movie becomes little more than a typical monster film. Luckily, in this respect it is decent enough to be worth a watch by the more diehard horror fans. The film is an attempt to do something worthwhile and unique with the found footage subgenre and this fact alone is worth rejoicing over.

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