DVD Review: ‘The Device’ Is A Mildly Entertaining Sci-Fi Thriller

Estranged sisters Abby (Angela DiMarco) and Rebecca (Kate Alden) come together to go into the woods to spread their recently deceased mother’s ashes at a lake near their old family cabin, a place they have been warned to stay away from at all costs. While catching up in the woods the two discover the remains of some sort of wreckage and a mysterious black device. They bring the device back with them to the cabin where Abby’s fiancé Calvin sees the orb as a potential financial windfall. Strange nightmares and odd feelings begin to strike the girls and they decide it is best to go back home. A connection between the nightmares and the device soon becomes apparent, and the girls quickly realize that it is not just this potential alien artifact that they must confront but their past and some of the very people they trust.

‘The Device’ is a mildly entertaining sci-fi thriller. It features a somewhat original plot that attempts to focus less on the aliens/supernatural aspect of the story and more on the character’s responses. This makes for an interesting character study piece, but the lack of focus on the aliens might make some sci-fi fans a bit annoyed. When the aliens are shown they are presented through weak special effects and cheap fog. This works for what the filmmakers were trying to achieve, but it still leaves a lot to be desired.

Besides the somewhat lackluster special effects the production values for the film are decent. The acting is also a bit above average, though at times the characters tend to come off as dull and lifeless.

‘The Device’ is good for what it is, but it is certainly nothing unique or special. It offers an interesting character study of individuals faced against aliens and extraterrestrial technology, but at the cost of any action or really cool sci-fi.

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