DVD Review: ‘Day Of The Mummy’

‘Day of the Mummy’ is a head scratcher of a film. It has all the potential to be a decent B horror flick, yet it squanders this and instead phones in a tepid uninteresting watch.

The story is pretty straightforward and formulaic. Jack Wells (William McNamara), a treasure hound ,who hopes to get his hands upon the famed Codex Stone joins a group of archaeologists set to explore a newly discovered tomb in Egypt. The tomb happens to contain a cursed mummy, King Neferu, who snaps back to life and begins terrorizing Wells and seeking human victims.

For whatever reason it is filmed POV style and is very shaky, borderline headache causing. This choice alone really hurts the film, as it serves no real purpose and just makes watching the film more of a chore than it should be.

The storytelling and dialog are incredibly weak. Given that almost every element in the film has been done somewhere else (and better) it is sort of sad that they were not able to at least replicate some of the quality they leeched off of. Danny Glover co-stars in the film, adding a bit of star power to the production, but he does not really serve a point and in fact actually kind of detracts from the film.

One of the bigger complaints that can be raised against the film is the lack of screen time given to the titular mummy. The first creature sighting happens about 45 minutes to an hour into the flick and even then it is barely on screen for maybe fifteen minutes total. In general this is a fairly short movie so the fact that the mummy barely features is rather annoying.

‘Day of the Mummy’ is a squandered premise that barely bothers to showcase its titular creature. There are better mummy movies out there.

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