DVD Review: ‘Dark Was The Night’

Something evil is hiding in the woods behind the small town of Maiden Woods, setting the nerves of the townspeople on end. Several odd happenings that seem like pranks quickly turn deadly and ignite a fire under Sheriff Paul Shields.

Dark Was the Night’ is a decent little horror film, but it doesn’t offer up too much novelty. Straightforward and foreboding the film is all about establishing that necessary feeling of tension among viewers and then attempting to keep them on the edge of their seats for the duration. While this is done well there is something to be said about waiting too long to reveal the main “horror” element. Here we don’t see the thing until the very final scenes of the movie. Perhaps if it was more tantizling or scary this would work, but it does not work here.

For a B movie horror flick ‘Dark Was the Night’ is well acted. That coupled with its with a solid A and B plots, fantastic character development (you actually care about what happens to the characters!), moves the story forward, albeit at an uncomfortably relaxed pace. 

‘Dark Was the Night’ is pretty slow and predictable. It is not bad if you are a hardcore horror fan, but you definitely should not expect to be surprised. There is a good use of atmosphere and plot to create a fun level of suspense; unfortunately the film’s ending squanders most of the buildup.

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