DVD Review: ‘Cybergeddon’

When the writer’s strike happened a few years ago, a lot of the film industry took to a medium almost everyone has access to- the internet. With the success of Joss Whedon’s epic “Dr Horrible’s Singalong Blog”, there have been countless others who have tried to capture that same success with their own web series. One such recent one is “Cybergeddon”. Starring Missy Peregrym (LOVED her in “Reaper” and “Stick It”), the series shows an FBI Agent named Chloe Jocelyn (Peregrym). Jocelyn has been jailed for a cyber-crime she didn’t commit that ended up having catastrophic consequences. After breaking out of prison, she sets out to find out who exactly set her up. She enlists a hacker named “Rabbit” (Kick Gurry)to help her not only find her accuser, but to also stay a step ahead of the authorities who are still trying to arrest her again.

The theory is one that has been well used in cinema, but I really liked Peregrym in this. It certainly isn’t her greatest work (that would be “Reaper”), but she is pretty good at portraying an FBI agent on the lam. The film has its points where you can tell the webisodes were spliced together and some of the “shaky-cam” gets to be a bit much, but considering the medium, it’s good. Definitely a lot higher quality than I expected. The series also stars Olivier Martinez (the new Mr Halle Berry) and was nominated for a Golden Reel Award.

“Cybergeddon” is now available on DVD.

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