DVD Review: ‘Christian Mingle’ Is A Decent Rom-Com

Review By Bradley Smith

Gwyneth Hayden (Lacey Chabert) is in her 30s and has yet to find the right guy to settle down with. Feeling pressure from her longtime friends, all of whom are now married, she decides to sign up for the popular Christian Mingle dating website after seeing ads for it on television. However, as her coworker later points out, that website is for “true Christians who are looking to meet other true Christians” and Gwyneth is not as devout as she led her potential match (played by Jonathan Patrick Moore) to believe. While trying and failing to cover her less than truthful presentation of herself, she discovers that it hasn’t been a man that was missing from her life; but rather God, Himself, “with a capital H”.

Christian Mingle: The Movie is a romantic comedy told with a religious perspective. Before Gwyneth can live her “happily ever after”, she has to have her “driftwood Jesus moment” (religious awakening). Because of this, the movie sometimes feels more preachy than funny; this movie clearly takes the point of view that the only way to be happy with yourself and have love is to have Jesus in your life. It’s not a terrible message, happiness through spiritual fullfillment et al., but if religion isn’t your cup of tea by any means, you may want to move along.

Aside from the religious plot, the story is a fairly decent rom-com. It plays out as one might expect a romantic comedy to play out with some twists; Gwyneth is not the only person with secrects. It’s touching with a lot of heart, good music (mostly religious), and it provides a few laughs. There are plenty of familiar faces that were fun to see; including Corbin Bernsen (from the recently departed Psych), who also wrote and directed the movie, John O’Hurley, and Stephen Tobolowsky (from Groundhog Day) who was enjoyable as Gwyneth’s boss.

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