DVD Review: ‘Burying The Ex’ Is A Fun Low Budget Flick

Max (Anton Yelchin) has just learned how controlling and manipulative his girlfriend Evelyn (Ashley Greene) can be. Unfortunately, this realization has come after they have moved in together, and Max is terrified to end the relationship. Fate intervenes and Evelyn is killed in a strange accident.

Fast forward a few months and Max meets Olivia (Alexandra Daddario), the girl of his dreams. This new romance is quickly given the ultimate test when Evelyn rises from the grave and tries to start things back up again. Max, horror geek that he is, made the mistake of wishing on a magical devil genie paperweight that he and Evelyn would be together forever.

‘Burying the Ex’ is a purposely cheesy movie filled with self referential humor. It does suffer from quite a few plot holes, which is ironic given that that is exactly the type of thing to make the film’s horror geek Max cringe in disgust. The plot holes aren’t a killer, but it is annoying how many things are left hanging at the end.

Overall this is a fun low budget flick It survives on average to stupid humor. This is not ‘Shaun of the Dead’ or some well thought out allegory or satire. If you are looking for a smart zombie movie look elsewhere. Nevertheless ‘Burying the Ex’ is good for what it is meant to be. Don’t take the horror/zombie aspect so seriously and you can have a good time with this one.

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