DVD Review: ‘Black Coffee’ Is A Strong Romantic Comedy

Robert (Darrin Dewitt Henson) is having a tough day. Mita (Erica Hubbard) his girlfriend dumps him. He goes to work, at the company his father founded but longer owns, and is fired by his boss (Josh Ventura). He later finds out he’s been having an affair with his girlfriend.

Robert goes to work for his cousin Julian (Christian Keyes) helping him with his coffee deliveries and soon meets a beautiful woman in a coffee show named Morgan (Gabrielle Dennis) and it’s love at first site. He ends up getting some work from her doing some painting at her house. They grow close and start a romance. Soon Robert’s ex shows back up wanting to reconcile. Morgan’s ex also shows up wanting her back. Julian decides to help out and tries to get the couple back together.

Black Coffee is a fun, romantic comedy. Well written and directed by Mark Harris.

You can pick it up in stores on April 8.

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