DVD Review: ‘A Belle For Christmas’ Is A Good Holiday Movie For Kids

A young boy and his sister are given a cute little puppy as a present only to have it given away by their widowed dad’s gold digging girlfriend on Christmas Eve. The two siblings set out, with the help of some friends, to rescue their puppy and bring it home for the holidays.

‘A Belle for Christmas’ is a fairly average family friendly Christmas film. It isn’t anything really special, but it is certainly entertaining enough to keep children happy and watching. Much of the plot feels like a hybridization of other similar family films, but it does a decent enough job attempting to distinguish itself.

The film features decent performances from Dean Cain, Kristy Swanson, and Haylie Duff, though their characters often feel shallow and two-dimensional. This is likely more the fault of the writing than the acting, but either way it gives some scenes the feeling like they were phoned in.

‘A Belle for Christmas’ is a good movie for people looking for something that they can watch with young kids. It is aimed at entertaining children so adults looking for a film that offers something for them as well should look elsewhere.

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