DVD Review: ‘Axel: The Biggest Little Hero’ Is Fun For The Whole Family

AXEL: The Biggest Little Hero
Director: Leo Lee
Cast: Ed Asner, Tim Curry, Matthew Lillard, George Takei

When a village is running out of food a young boy Axel, who likes to think he’s a hero, has a vision of a Bonta cactus far away that would save his people, he decides he is going to find it and help his village. With his trusted friend Jono they embark on the journey of a lifetime. The encounter all sorts of problems including a magnetic valley and robotic lizards (including the king who looks like a giant Transformer) who take the Princess Gaga captive, they must save her before it’s too late. Soon Axel, who had been doubting himself being a hero, rises up and proves himself as a hero and goes on his quest for food.

A fun movie for the whole family to watch together! You can pick up ‘Axel: The Biggest Little Hero’ on Tuesday, June 3.

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