DVD Review: ‘Appetites’

‘Appetites’ is a purposely demented horror flick that pushes taboo and gore to the extreme. It is the story of Daisy (Lauren Parkinson) a pretty young lady looking for true love and the occasional person to kill and eat, and Bubba (Scott Barrows) her brother and cannibalistic prep chef. The two of them love to trap victims, kill them, and eat them while watching their favorite TV shows.

John Doe (Bret Roberts) is a crazy sociopath with a taste for flesh just like Daisy. When the two finally cross paths there are sparks of romance, but these sparks ignite a powder keg is lit. Even with all of their similarities the two just can’t seem to coexist and things start to get dicey between the two of them.

‘Appetites’ does a good job playing around with the horror genre. It utilizes a bunch of taboo elements in a way that is both creepy and silly. The script is littered with puns and jokes referencing other popular horror films and pop culture in general.

The film’s silliness is both a gift and a curse. At times it becomes too much of a parody of itself. Not that this is the type of movie that should be taken seriously, but good horror movies shouldn’t feel so banal and empty.

‘Appetites’ is certainly a unique take on the horror genre. It definitely pushes its emphases on taboos and gore to the extreme, but too much silliness and parody gives it a weird aftertaste.

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  1. August 5, 2015

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