DVD Review: ‘Against The Sun’

Movies based upon the trope of man versus nature are nothing new. Throw in a true story and World War II and you’ve got a pretty sure crowd pleaser. ‘Against the Sun’ offers all this and more.

It is the story of how a pilot, bombardier, and radioman crash their bomber in the Pacific Ocean during WWII and find themselves adrift on a lifeboat after being forced to ditch their plane during a scouting mission. They have no food, water, or hope of rescue. Together they must survive a thousand mile journey home.

‘Against the Sun’ is a minimalist survival story. It might just as easily be called three guys, a boat, and a lot of ocean. Its plot thrives on little problems such as a lack of drinking water that loom large and life threatening given the circumstances.

Films like this are made or broken by how well they create drama within the confines of limited sets or entirely new situations. Great performances are mandatory in this type of movie and luckily ‘Against the Sun’ delivers with fantastic showings from all involved.

One slight criticism of the film is that its special effects leave a lot to be desired. The budget is likely a main culprit here, but there have been other low budget films that have done better with less.

The type of story told by ‘Against the Sun’ has been told before and will likely be told again. It hits on something that tugs on audiences, and keeps them coming back. While this is not the best version of this plot ever made it gets the job done. People who enjoy this type of minimalist survival drama will not be disappointed by ‘Against the Sun’.

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