DVD Review: ‘Adventure Time: The Suitor’

Adventure Time is an animated series that runs on Cartoon Network. The cartoon centers around a boy named Finn and a 28 year old magical dog named Jake, who encounter many strange things in the ‘Land Of Ooo.’

The latest release contains 16 episodes, that highlight fan favorite characters. The suitor finds Braco trying to win the love of Princess Bubblegum. She’s not looking for love and tries to ignore him. Finally she makes a clone for him to get him away from her. Other episodes include Shh!, Wizards Only, Food and 13 others.

Having never watched the show before, I really enjoyed this DVD. The animation is top notch and the stories are well written. It’s a good show for all ages to watch.

You can pick up ‘Adventure Time: The Suitor’ DVD on May 6.

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