Documentary Review: ‘Wonders Of The Sea’

There couldn’t be a more perfect name for this wonderful and entertaining documentary. Taking us to the beautiful natural wonders under the sea, it stands for exceptional performance exhibited by marine life all around the globe. Marin explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau along with his enthusiastic nature loving children Celine and Fabien take us under the ocean waters. As they explore the hidden coral world within the deep blue sea, it manages to take us to a different experience all together.

Excellent cinematography, impressive shooting and perfect background score mark as the highlights of this sea documentary. It is definitely one of its kind for its detailed look into the water. A clear picture of coral life builds in front of our eyes, while we enjoy the unique opportunity without actually getting into the water. As the explorers narrate their experiences simultaneously, it forms an instant connection with the viewers. Filmed over a duration of three years, the documentary presents a detailed view. It takes us through their Pacific Ocean adventures from Fiji to the Bahamas, while explaining their experiences at every step.

A must-watch entertainer for ocean lovers, it shows the beauty hidden under the waters. While we all enjoy the pristine shades of blue on ocean surface, what lies within is much more beautiful in every sense. A large kingdom within itself, there are marine plants, animals, corals, fishes of diverse shapes, designs and colors. All-in-all a hidden paradise to say the least. With simple language that can connect to viewers of different age groups, it succeeds to appeal to a larger audience base.

There is uniqueness to its presentation because it offers close and personal look into the world of scuba diving. It does not come across as rough compilation of common scuba diving videos. Rather it is shot in an engaging way that makes it seem as if we are diving right next to them. There is perfect blend of entertainment, education, and curiosity that satisfies every element of an engaging documentary. It is not designed for one purpose alone, making it perfect for wider audience.

Enjoy this wonderful documentary that does absolute justice to its title. It will manage to transport you into a rather mystical world filled with colorful underwater creatures never seen before. It will surely tempt you to undertake scuba diving adventures if you haven’t done so or repeat it over and over again, if you have already enjoyed it before. Watch a magical tale of the under waters that has so much to offer. In addition to limitless surface of diverse blue shades and vast horizon, there is lot more under the surface. ‘Wonders of the sea’ is the perfect way to appreciate these wonders.

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