Documentary Review: ‘Vlogumentary’ Looks At Everyday People That Are Vloggers

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

A documentary about how some everyday people became vloggers. They talk about their day-to-day lives, the beginnings and what they love and hate about vlogging. This documentary follows a family (Shay Carl and his family) who just wanted to post some fun videos and ended up becoming millionaires. It also follows an up-and-coming 18-year-old vlogger (Mikey Murphy), who writes, edits and does all the other technical work for his vlogs.

Charles Trippy is a vlogger, who vlogs almost if not every single day and hold the Guinness World Record for most consecutive vlogs. Gaby Dunn is a vlogger with YouTube fame and a part-time job. They show her to show that you can be famous without being rich. Other people talk about how vlogging and YouTube made people famous and, in some cases, rich.

They show the ups and downs of vlogging and letting the world get to know you and everything you’re about. Sometimes, they hate filming everyday or letting people into every moment. Sometimes, they get frustrated that you think they’re rich. Charles Trippy even got married and divorced while vlogging and he started dating someone new and a lot of his fans dragged his new girlfriend for it.

This documentary had some okay and relatable moments, but it’s hard to feel bad for them. Shay and his family got out of debt and became millionaires. Gaby might not be rich, but she lives in Los Angeles with a part-time job, which would be impossible for most people. When they’re happy and they want to let you into their lives, everything is fine. However, when they are complaining and you see how much better their lives are compared to others, you don’t feel bad. You know that they are living lives that not many people could even dream of and they don’t have to do it if they really didn’t want to.

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