Documentary Review: ‘To Kid Or Not To Kid’

Children form the most important factor of families and after marriage having children is the obvious next right step in the process. But does this have to be followed like a rule in life or do we have the choice to opt in or out of the decision? An interesting documentary that answers this basic question of having children or choosing not to have one, director Maxine takes us through her journey. In her attempt to answer the question and explain her reasons to not have children, Maxine meets her family members, her own mother, sister, other young women, and friends who share their experiences and views honestly without prejudices.

By touching a unique topic yet the one that can relate to every member in the audience, it succeeds in the getting to the root of the question. Having kids is often viewed as the compulsory milestone for married couple. And while some couples may not be able to conceive due to health reasons, what about those who opt out by choice. Since our society views not having kids as some form of abnormality, it often draws attention for the wrong reasons. Instead of accepting it as a usual decision of the couple, society jumps ahead to judge them on incorrect basis. But all of this should change somewhere considering challenges such as population explosion and climate changes. Director Maxine takes us through the attempts of a young woman Megan while she desires to go for a sterilization procedure. Her difficulties and troubles to get what she wants draw us to the reality that women are expected to not opt out from having children. How the society reacts to such variations and novel decisions forms the theme of an enlightening documentary that seems so right for this moment.

With more and more women opting for career over family, it should not be a forced choice to give birth. The documentary flows in an excellent manner bringing together experiences, thoughts and discussion in books, media, television shows. Makers of this documentary have paid close attention to detail and touched every aspect necessary to make it a complete feature. By attending summit and meetup groups, meeting with big and young families, discussing views with her husband, Maxine expresses all the thoughts in the open for the audience.

Watch it for the message, study, thoughts and a topic that relates to every member of the society today. It is incorrect to judge someone based on so-called normal beliefs of the social system because at the end an individual has to live with his/her choices, decisions, plans and ideas. ‘To kid or not to kid’ is perfect for the modern age and time of today.

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