Documentary Review: ‘This Changes Everything’

By L.C. Cragg

The numbers are real. The mission agenda is important and for Hollywood, the time is up.

This documentary film provides a 360° and a historically data backed look at how the entertainment industry not only discriminates against women, but how they are portrayed in films.

Narrated partially by Executive Producer Geena Davis, (actress producer & Director) this eye-opening film set out the premise that because women represent 51% of the population, they should be similarly represented in the teams of people creating entertainment in the United States. Davis who is also a founder of the Institute on Gender in Media, explains how the use of data can get the attention of industry exe to influence then to make changes in the representation of women in storytelling.

The film also astutely addresses the issues of how women are stereotypically represented in films and most importantly what that impact has on girls and women as an audience,

Director Tom Donahue not only engages the audience with overwhelming data and entertaining stories from a number of industry icons, Meryl Streep, Zoe Saldana, Jessica Chastain, Alan Alda, Reece Witherspoon, Sharon Stone and Sandra Oh, to name a few, he also captures the realities of female, directors and producers, who are still butting against a ceiling made clearly of concrete, versus the illusionary glass.

The film inspires audiences to support the calls for change and accountability from inside the entertainment business and around the world.

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