Documentary Review: ‘The Rebound’

An inspirational tale that spells out hope, trust and encouragement at every step, documentary ‘The Rebound’ is a self-help guide in disguise. We see incredible efforts of the ‘Miami Heat Wheels team’ from start to end, while they work hard for the wheelchair basketball championship. They refuse to give up, while treating their disability as an opportunity rather than an excuse to do nothing. It is amazing how these young men bound to wheelchair practice for their games with enhanced doses of enthusiasm.

‘The Rebound’ is about reconnecting with life and doing their bit to improve it. Instead of complaining, these talented sportsmen take the opportunity for their betterment and enjoy the sports. The documentary takes us through their preparation as the couch guides his team along the way. We observe their practice sessions, matches and training that proceed with enthusiasm because the team is loaded with exceptional strength. It is remarkable how they enjoy their game without paying heed to the disability. They use the wheelchairs as supporting resources and toss their basketball with ease.

Makers of the documentary offer an up and close view into their preparation and daily life. What we realize is none of the players complain about their disability, instead share their passion for the game. There is excitement while they work to better their performance with every passing day. They do not treat their condition any different and invest all the ounces of energy for the game. It introduces us to the inspirational world of wheelchair basketball that is practiced by athletes across the nation. Rather than limiting their life to a wheelchair and not allowing them to participate, it is important to provide opportunities. Because at the end, their determination and dedication wins the game. They are no different than any other sports team, when it comes to practice.

‘The Rebound’ instills hope that finding the hidden opportunity in every situation pays at the end. The documentary lens presents views of their family members and friends who are exceptionally proud of these achievements. The team members find happiness by enjoying their life through these matches and stay connected with each other. Whether they win or lose is secondary, their primary goal is to get out of the disabled zone and pursue their passion. They are able to gain success by putting efforts in something they love, while facing the physical challenges with a smile. It is certainly not easy but not impossible too.

Watch a tale that is all about defying the odds and taking chances. It depicts the joy of working hard towards goals. ‘The Rebound’ will prompt you to seek happiness in any and every kind of situation.

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